Del Monte International

Del Monte International

Del Monte International stands as a pinnacle of global excellence in the production, marketing, and distribution of an extensive range of fresh, cut, and whole fruits and vegetables. Our diverse product line extends to include prepared fruits and vegetables, juices, beverages, snacks, and desserts, catering to discerning consumers in over 90 countries worldwide.

With a legacy of distinguished presence in the Middle East region, Del Monte took a significant step forward in 2007 by inaugurating its regional headquarters in Dubai. This strategic move aimed to fortify our proximity to customers and partners, solidifying our commitment to serving their needs effectively. Del Monte Middle East and North Africa epitomize the culmination of over 130 years of multinational expertise harmonized with a profound understanding of local markets.

Our forward-looking strategy remains steadfast in its focus on expanding product offerings and geographical reach. At the heart of Del Monte’s international mission lies a shared set of values that underpin our every endeavor. Our singular mission is to inspire healthy lifestyles by offering fresh, wholesome, and convenient products to individuals worldwide, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Central to achieving this mission is our unwavering dedication to fostering safe workplaces, ensuring fair wages, and providing growth opportunities for our employees, regardless of their backgrounds. At Del Monte, we believe in not just delivering products but in enriching lives, one wholesome offering at a time. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community welfare drives us forward as we continue to innovate and inspire healthier living globally.

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