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Front End: Your Partner for Diverse Business Solutions

Front End, a leading Saudi Arabian company, is a trusted provider of advanced products and solutions across various industries. As a 100% Saudi-owned entity, they are deeply committed to supporting the Kingdom’s economic growth and development.

Extensive Portfolio and Expertise

Our company caters to a wide range of sectors through its diverse offerings:

  • Core Industries: Front End has a strong presence in oil field services and renewable energy, playing a vital role in Saudi Arabia’s energy sector transformation. They also provide solutions in information and communication technology, building materials, infrastructure, and industrial services.
  • Dedicated Services: Beyond core industries, Front End offers maritime services, manpower supply, and support for various economic sectors within the Kingdom and neighboring countries.

A Vision for Excellence

Our company is driven by a clear vision and mission that define their approach:

  • Vision: Front End aspires to be recognized for its talented workforce, reputation for trust, and unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Mission: Their mission, “Powered by Passion,” emphasizes creating value for their customers, partners, and employees through inspiration and innovation.

Supporting Saudi Arabia’s Future

The company aligns its strategies with Saudi Vision 2030, a national transformation plan:

  • Innovation and Technology: They prioritize expanding their services and products while focusing on cutting-edge technology and research and development.
  • Local Content Development: Front End actively contributes to initiatives like Saudi Aramco IKTVA™ and SABIC NUSANED™, promoting the use of locally-sourced resources and developing a skilled Saudi workforce.
  • Investing in People: Front End recognizes the importance of human capital. They invest in nurturing and developing their employees, contributing to a generation of qualified young Saudis across various industries, aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 goals.

Partnering with Us for Success

The company offers a comprehensive range of advanced services and solutions tailored to diverse business needs. Their commitment to innovation, local content development, and a skilled workforce positions them as a valuable partner for companies operating in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding region.

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