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Cube Metal Industries is a certified ISO9001:2008 facade company registered and based in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). We offer vertical integration services (design, fabrication and installation) of building envelopes in metal and glass. Cube Metal Industries was established in 2007 as a family own business registered in the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Since its inception, we have opted to grow organically in the benefit of a healthy structure while making sure that the quality of the offering remains at a high standard. As an independent specialist contractor, our clients can be confident of receiving solutions that fit for their needs. We provide building envelope packages offering the different benefits that working with a single source provider brings: improved efficiency, greater control, speed up build times, opportunities for value engineering, and rationalization of the design and construction process among others. Our scope of work includes curtain wall systems, doors & windows, solar shading systems, skylights, aluminum composite cladding, canopies, aluminum mashabiyas, and steel fabrication. We are organized around a simple set of systems and processes, objectives, and communications that enable us to successfully deliver projects. We follow standard operational frameworks, guidance and toolsets, all aimed at empowering our people, making good decisions and delivering projects as requested. Our work can be seen in offices and commercial buildings, stadiums, universities, hotels, schools and residential buildings across the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

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