Riyadh Factory For Panel Boards

It has long and proven record in investing in diverse set of businesses and developing to become leader in providing quality products and services in every part of the Saudi Regions. RFPB established in 1984 in Riyadh in the second industrial city of Al Kharj road.

We are specialist in manufacturing Low Voltage Panels up to 6300A, Package & Unit Substations up to 3150 kVA and M/V switch gear up to 13.8 kV.

RFPB manufactures a wide range of power and automation technology products in full compliance with national and international norms of standards. RFPB company is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable customers to improve and develop the performance of it’s plant.

Riyadh Factory for Panel Boards was established in 1984 with commercial registration number 1010057494. Given the opportunity to make a fresh start and responding to the market demand, the company brings solution to its clients to improve the bottom line while consuming less energy and making energy safe, reliable and productive. The company developed an extensive experience in low voltage Switchgear, Control Panels and Package Substation systems which are applicable to industrial commercial and residential projects. We are not merely a supplier or manufacturer, we take immense pride by providing our customer with a total solution to their needs. We help our clients with re-engineering to save time, space and money. we are here for you before placement of the order, during executing the order and after commissioning the project.

From day one, an orientation program will help you understand our mission and our company strategy throughout the project. We will not only help you developing your plant but also finding a solution for every requirement.

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