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Savola Group

We are the leading strategic investment holding group in the food and retail sectors across the MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region. We are proud of our Saudi heritage, our current international presence and the ethical business model that sets us apart. We think that companies perform best when they play to their strengths. For us, this means focusing our resources on building a strong portfolio of assets in the food and retail sectors. Through companies under our two entities, Savola Foods and Savola Retail, we now operate large numbers of grocery stores and produce everyday household staples loved by consumers in 50 countries. Our profits also come from stakes we hold in other companies in our core sectors and other industries.


Companies continue and thrive when they have a clear plan, vision, and defined goals. Savola Group aims to empower, inspire, and provide strategic guidance to our companies, partners, customers, and employees through supportive programs and core values.

Our goal is to add value to investors, employees, and the community as a whole.

Savola’s mission is to make a positive impact on society, achieve profits, and drive growth through strategic investments in the Middle East and North Africa region. Savola distinguishes itself by its unparalleled ability to perform this role due to its unique specialized expertise in its field of work and a remarkable track record of achievements, in addition to its outstanding position in the market.

Our objective is to gradually move towards a new model that grants our companies and brands a higher degree of independence. We can achieve this by providing strategic guidance and specialized expertise to our companies, enabling them to grow and succeed on their own. Then, they can focus on developing marketing plans for products and brands to enhance consumer loyalty in each country.

Steady steps guided by values shape our path.

Ethical principles, including integrity, piety, righteousness, and striving, are the working approach that Savola follows. These values have been our companions since the beginning, and they will always remain as a guiding light that never fades. For this reason, our track record has been crowned by achieving the fourth position among the best companies in terms of disclosure and transparency in the Middle East and North Africa, according to the Standard & Poor’s Dow Jones Indices and Governance Institute.

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