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Sidco Building Materials: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Sidco Building Materials is a leading supplier of top-tier construction materials in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC region. Backed by the prestigious Bawan Holding Group, a name synonymous with excellence in the building sector, Sidco has established a strong reputation for providing innovative and reliable products.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Bawan Holding Group, established through the merger of Abdullatif & Mohammad Al Fozan Co. (1959) and Abdulkader Al Muhaidib & Sons General Trading Company L.L.C. (1934), is a cornerstone of the Saudi Arabian construction industry. With a rich history dating back to the mid-20th century, Bawan has consistently delivered high-quality building materials and fostered significant industrial investment within the Kingdom.

Sidco: A Vision for Excellence

Founded in 1980, Sidco Building Materials embodies Bawan’s commitment to propelling the construction sector forward. Their vision is to continuously improve and provide the highest quality products to meet the evolving needs of customers in Saudi Arabia, the GCC region, and beyond.

A Comprehensive Range of Solutions

Sidco offers a diverse portfolio of building materials to cater to various construction projects. From foundational elements to finishing touches, they have everything you need to bring your vision to life:

  • Structural Materials: Concrete, steel, and other essential elements for building a solid foundation.
  • Cladding and Facades: A variety of materials to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your building’s exterior.
  • Interior Finishes: Flooring, wall materials, and other products to create a beautiful and comfortable interior space.
  • Insulation and Fireproofing: Solutions to ensure optimal thermal performance and fire safety in your building.

Beyond Products: Expertise and Support

Beyond their extensive product range, Sidco prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. Their team of experienced professionals offers technical expertise and support to help you choose the right materials for your specific project requirements.

Partnering for Success

Since its inception, Sidco has established itself as a trusted partner for architects, engineers, construction companies, and individual builders across the region. By combining high-quality products with expert support, Sidco empowers them to create exceptional building projects.

Building a Brighter Future with Sidco

If you’re seeking a reliable supplier of top-notch construction materials in Saudi Arabia or the GCC, look no further than Sidco Building Materials. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, Sidco is the perfect partner for your next construction project.

Contact Sidco today to explore their comprehensive product range and discover how they can help you build with confidence.

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