Cable Clamps Cleats


Cable clamp/cleat is a device designed to provide securing of cables when installed at intervals along the length of the cables.” (IEC 61914). PTE’s single & trefoil clamps made of non-ferrous, non-magnetic alloys meets the requirement of latest international standards & type tested for electrical short circuit, axial load, lateral load and impact as per stringent requirements of IEC 61914.

Our clamps are provided with all the required installation hardware, like nuts, bolts, washers, and springs. EPDM rubber lining is used with the clamps to increase friction resistance, & to accommodate the expansion of XLPE during heating/cooling cycles due to varying loads& ambient temperature variations.

Cable clamps are designed to hold cables in Flat and trefoil formation in normal operating conditions and restore cable geometry after experiencing severe loads & short circuit which may result in damage of terminations/sealing ends.


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Product Name: Cable Clamps Cleats