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There are 4 Models under which iTIG Motor testing product can be classified. The classification of the product is mainly done on the basis of  output voltage and different types of test which can be performed along with some additional features. Although the output voltage can be  increased by using Power Pack.

The iTIG features over 20 high- and low- voltage tests including high frequency surge and partial discharge. You can choose multiple tests to run  automatically in a sequence or select single tests and report your results with the easiest to use instrument available. You can also operate  manually for voltage dial or set up for automatic operation.

One can carry the iTIG in the field or use it as a benchtop device. Connect to an external portable power pack for testing up to 40kV. The iTIG is the  most versatile and easy- to- use tester available.

iTIG A  – Model A is designed for those who need a basic tester for insulation resistance (mega ohm), DC hipot, and surge tests.

iTIG B  – Model B adds reporting capability and a milliohm (mΩ) winding resistance measurement to basic model A features. Additional model B  options include impedance/inductance testing, advanced multi- coil tests, reporting, and partial discharge testing.

iTIG C  – Model C adds automatic IR and Hipot tests to features available in models A- B. Additional model C options include micro ohm winding  resistance measurement, impedance/inductance testing, advanced multi- coil tests, and partial discharge testing.

iTIG D  – Model D has fully automatic testing capability. This means that for 3- phase motors or coils, all tests, or a user selected set of tests, from  low voltage impedance and resistance measurements to a variety of IR, DC hipot, surge, and partial discharge tests can be done in a fully  automatic sequence by the tester.

Advanced multi- coil tests and micro ohm winding resistance measurement comes standard with the iTIG model D. Model D optional features  include CLZ (capacitance, inductance, and impedance) measurements, partial discharge tests, and PLTA production line test automation software. All models can test DC motors. There are a variety of accessories available for DC motor testing. 


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