Takamol Holding signs 18 agreements at LEAP 2024

The LEAP Tech Conference 2024 witnessed a notable participation with strategic engagements by Takamol Holding and its role as a strategic sponsor of the conference. The company stood out by showcasing diverse presentations of its products and programs, with its CEOs and members actively participating in panel discussions on the main stage.

The participation included introducing Takamol Holding’s products and programs, as well as its subsidiaries, and conducting a series of discussions with leading companies to explore technological solutions for social and economic development in the Kingdom. This effort resulted in the signing of 18 agreements with partners from various vital sectors serving the labor market and the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, CEOs and members of the company participated in panel discussions on the main stage of the conference, focusing on the latest technological developments and innovations offered by Takamol Holding and its companies.

Simultaneously, the CEO of Qiwa Fawzan Al-Muhaidib delivered a keynote address on the main stage of the conference under the theme “Digital Transformation in the Labor Market,” addressing the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy away from reliance on oil, enhancing private sector efficiency and labor market transparency, achieving national economic goals, reducing unemployment rates, and enhancing the attractiveness of the Saudi market for investments and talents. Furthermore, the General Manager of Takamol Mobility Services, Engineer Fawzan Al-Ghamdi, participated in a panel discussion on the future challenges of living standards globally.

Takamol Holding’s participation was distinguished by impressive presentations that captivated visitors with a wide range of its innovative technological programs and products covering various sectors and industries. Among these, the artificial intelligence product “RYAN” stood out, providing answers to all inquiries about the international labor market.

Takamol Holding’s participation as a strategic sponsor of the LEAP Tech Conference 2024 reinforces its role in providing innovative and advanced solutions that meet the needs of the market and economy in the Kingdom, thereby promoting sustainable development.

It is worth mentioning that several ministers and officials visited Takamol Holding’s pavilion, affirming the pivotal role of innovation in shaping the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia across various economic, health, and social sectors.






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